The company specialty is the professional performance of communications and associated projects. Our basic strength, which forms a major part of our business activities, is the execution of communication projects, where we perform mostly our own design and engineering (in accordance with site requirement, and client demand) in accordance with the relevant international technical standards, including the supply of latest Technology material through commissioning and operation stages.

Due to our long experience, and well trained and professional engineers and technicians, we are able to execute almost all industrial projects related to communications professionally. A short overview for our activities range is as follows:


Communication is key

  • MWC offers telecommunication solutions, technologies and value-added services covering from the physical layer to the application layer, with particular expertise in IP-based technologies. Our vast experience extends to serving all types of service providers – Incumbent operators, Cellular operators, Cable TV operators, ISPs, and International carriers – as well as carrier-grade government authorities.
  • Communications now means much more than making and taking calls. It is now possible to access and share voice, fax, video and data, through solutions that create a synergy between voice and data networks to streamline your business operations.

This will allow you to:

  • Save money and improve productivity
  • Simplify phone system administration
  • Position your business for growth
  • Boost organizational efficiency with advanced calling features
  • Select a business telephone system that meets your companies needs

MWC can install and maintain your entire business telecommunication solutions and integrating different systems together in order to give full complete solutions for any requirement might rise up now or in the future.

Our solutions include:

  • Layer 2 and 3 MPLS-based VPN services
  • TV Services over IP: IPTV and Mobile TV
  • Next-generation transmission infrastructure (NG-SDH/xWDM)
  • Next Generation Networks (VoIP NGN/IMS)
  • Value added services
  • Wireless (PtP, PtMP, MESH)
  • Access networks (metro Ethernet, xDSL, FTTx)
  • Solutions for cellular networks (Femtocell,3G Gateway, Backhaul)
  • Advanced network management systems

Networking & Data Communications Networking

Since its establishment, MWC has specialized in providing organizations and enterprises with a wide range of networking solutions, technologies and services.

MWC provides a complete and comprehensive suite of LAN/WAN networking solutions based on best of breed hardware and software products from world-leading vendors. Our services include the design and implementation of complete campus infrastructure, incorporating layer-2 and layer-3 switching, as well as advanced implementations of network QoS, traffic balancing & redirection, integrated security solutions etc.

For WAN implementations MWC holds the expertise and experience for legacy WAN technologies ( e.g. FR, ATM) as well as advanced IP/MPLS service integration.


  • Local area networks (LAN)
  • Wide area networks (WAN)
  • Unified infrastructure and IP services
  • Remote access products and technologies
  • Internet/intranet products and services
  • Traffic shaping
  • Wireless (WiFi, WiMax, Mesh)
  • WAN Optimization
  • RoIP (Radio over IP)

Network Infrastructure is a fundamental part of the critical infrastructure for most operations. MWC work closely with clients to fully understand the immediate and longer term needs of their business, to ensure that our design delivers the required performance. We also ensure that all networks are suitably resilient to peak loading, damage and power interruptions, and easily configurable to meet changing demands and growth whilst minimizing the ongoing cost of ownership.

All of our network cabling systems are designed and installed by fully qualified personnel accredited by the suppliers whose product is being installed. R&M Company is 100% tested, certified and documented for the customer to current EIA/TIA standards.

In order to achieve the required network performance the underlying infrastructure must be designed and installed to the highest standards. Research shows that only 5% of the IT spends invested in the data cabling infrastructure – so it is imperative to ensure that the 5% of your investment is spent wisely.

We have premier relationships with a broad range of equipment suppliers which include:

  • Cisco
  • Oralce
  • EMC
  • Motorola
  • HP
  • R&M
  • Mita
  • APC

The company will enhance your facilities with the utilization of data communication in the network environment to enable you to manipulate data throughout your network and centralize data gathering information.


Networking Services

Comprehensive services delivering integrated solutions…

In today’s world, communication is a key and your network cabling infrastructure is the backbone to an efficient and reliable system, which provides you with the tools to be at the top of your game.

We operate to the highest quality standards, delivering the most appropriate solutions for our clients, and hold premier approvals with all the equipment manufacturers involved in our designs.

Our services include Network Cabling Solutions, Network Wireless Solutions, Network Hardware and Telephony Solutions including VOIP, IP Networking, CCTV, Electrical Design and installation to name but a few.

We also provide our clients with ongoing technical support, maintenance and framework service level agreements.


We provide a complete and comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure solutions based on integrated hardware and software platforms from world-leading vendors. Delivering inventive solutions in Microsoft, and Linux environments, we integrate turnkey projects covering the full spectrum of IT infrastructure in heterogeneous environments. Over the infrastructures layer, we expand our customers’ business agility with a large variety of tailor-made and customized applicative solutions based on web portal, e-Business, databases or .WEB technologies.


  • Advanced Data Center Infrastructure
  • Consolidation / Virtualization: datacenters, Storage platforms, Remote sites and Branch offices High performance computing
  • Management and Monitoring Solutions: Infrastructures, Applications and user experiences, Business services
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Information & infrastructure Security
  • Advanced directory services, Identity Management
  • Data Protection and Management, ILM
  • Business continuity , Disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Collaboration & Instant communications
  • User environments Management & deployment
  • Server based computing (SBC)
  • Web & Portal Technologies, CRM
  • Mobility solutions

MWC vast expertise in wireless projects enables us to provide customers with advanced wireless solutions, tailored to their special needs and environment. Our wireless offering includes managed and secured WLANs, wireless broadband access, wireless LAN bridging, high speed wireless transmission (radio and optics), and Wireless Mesh, RFID and mobility solutions. We offer cutting edge solutions from leading wireless equipment vendors, as well as comprehensive services that include consulting, design, integration and turnkey projects.

MWC wireless department provides a comprehensive solutions and array of professional services specializing in consulting, design, implementation and management of a variety of wireless solutions while Possessing high-level expertise in numerous technological disciplines and by maintaining a close-knit partnerships with dozens of the world’s best-of-breed software and hardware vendors.

Audio & Video

MWC has been at the forefront of video conferencing since the field’s earliest days. Our comprehensive multimedia communication solutions leverage our A/V expertise and our deep knowledge of IT integration to provide customers with easy to use, reliable solutions. Custom made solutions incorporating multi-channel sound, projection and presentation equipment, total room design and management systems enable our customers to make the most of their resources, wherever they are. In particular, we have developed a unique and highly effective approach to Smart Meeting Rooms, enabling us to efficiently design and implement advanced solutions in this area.


MWC has a proven track record in providing a wide array of state of the art data security solutions. With new security threats to IT infrastructure continuously cropping up, data security solutions must leverage the most advanced and emerging technologies.

With threats to IT infrastructure implementations emanating from both within and outside the organization, we apply a multi-layered approach to data security, enabling both internal and external users to receive the same level of IT service and security.

Our solutions include:

  • Management Systems
  • Application and DB security
  • Advanced content filtering technologies
  • WLAN security
  • Strong authentication technique
  • Intrusion prevention solutions
  • Remote Access and Advanced VPN solutions
  • Access control
  • Regulation and Compliance solution
Unified Communications

Today, the field of Convergence includes a range of solutions

and technologies, combined over integrated IP infrastructures, from advanced IP telephony to full Collaboration solutions which also incorporate data transfer, video, and mobility capabilities.

IP Telephony, VoIP

Design, apply and supply support for a wide range of projects in the field of Voice for corporate customers and telecommunications companies. These projects include IP telephony and VoIP connections between numerous sites in dispersed organizations, Contact Centers, Unified Messaging systems for integrating voice, fax and e-mail messages in the e-mailbox, and VoIP systems for telecom companies – Soft switches, Session Border Controllers, STP, etc.

Organizational sharing

the increasing business need for enhanced organizational working efficiency has generated a real need for the application of integrated organizational work.

MWC offers its customers integrated application combining the use of Video, Voice and Data systems, from the desktop inside the organization, from 3G cell phones, from home or on the road.


One of the most important goals of MWC is to improve the skills of the local engineers and technicians, and to build a professional qualified staff in the communication fields. In addition, the company is aiming to transfer the latest technology to Libya. Those can be implemented by providing different courses and seminars presented by experts in the field of communications.


MWC provides a very advanced technical consultation to its customers to design and construct new communication systems and to solve any problems for the existing communication facilities. A special division in the company organization chart is designated for this purpose. The main goal of this division is to provide customers with latest technology and highest systems reliability and equipment utilization.

The skills of the staff of this division are very advanced in this field. They have a wide range of experience in designing, constructing, maintaining and operating the communication systems and facilities. In addition they have good knowledge of most of the Libyan communication systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time for any further information. We will do our utmost to give you the best services, as we have been doing for some years with our existing clients.


The challenge:

Modern World Communications is headquartered in Tripoli – Libya was looking for both potential clients who could reflect the market needs, and for a method of providing high – speed connectivity we have been licensed as Internet Service Provider through a choice of two access technologies, private line connectivity and digital subscriber line, to suit the different types of customers within the area.

The solutions:

modern world communications realized that if they were to provide high–speed access to the internet and to provide quality of services, they would need to use a number of different technologies, so XDSL technology was ubiquitous as availability of the existing copper infrastructure, they also discovered that the hotwire family from our partner PARADYNE company.

So they have selected RADSL rate adaptive DSL and MVL multiple virtual lines, such technologies afforded them the versatility they needed to offer the level of services that were necessary for a diverse customer base, they have primarily based their high- speed DSL services offering around the commercial user, like oil industry, airlines and, trade sector.

The multiservice platform makes it possible to supply the right level of services to all customers whatever their needs are.

The outcome:

modern world communications initial service deployments are in Tripoli area and we are able to offer the following service levels.

  • Dial up access starting from 33.6kbs up to 48kbs.
  • Leased line services for SOHO “Small Office/Home Office” standing from 64kbit up to 128kbit.
  • Business connection “Corporate access starting from 256kbits-768kbps.
  • In addition to providing high-speed connectivity.
  • Modern world communications will host your web site and offer data back – up services upon request.
  • We offer our services through a network of local computer dealers.

Business plan:

It is time to power up your business with MWC’s complete cost – effective service. It is easy to make use of technology advantages with the least investment for the best achievements for your business.

High – speed performance:

By using connection technology that can exceed the basic normal rate of connectivity, information can be delivered at a much higher speed than currently available, we offer a new generation of services providing value, quality and a major improvement in convenience and ease of use, and the ability to serve multiple appliances within the office.

A virtual software store at your fingertips:

There is no need to purchase original software or invest in upgrades. Modern world communications gives you access to all the latest software titles on a demand basis. You can select various methods of purchase with short or long terms of trial, leading to significant cost savings.

Unlimited Internet Access:

All the essential Internet tools are yours including the World Wide Web, news and E-mail. Performance will be second to none with our high-speed connection, and there are no interruptions with the telephone service while you are online.

Secure business Communications:

Modern world communications offers high levels of network reliability and security, enabling safe electronic commerce and communications.

Help when you need it:

You will access to modern world communications’ help desk for software and hardware support. There are also on-line manuals and manufacturers.

Modern world communications is the ideal solution partner for your business, we will supply and install all the necessary equipment to get your computer system connected, also included is a complete office productivity software suite, customized domain name and access to MWC on-line E-mail management system for business, these comprehensive solutions allow modern world communications customers to enjoy a relatively pain-free experience when integrating this superior high performance network into their existing system



Lets meet and talk! Call us at 00218213351109 , Modern World Communications Tripoli Tower, Floor 1, Office 83 Tripoli Libya